About Our Team

( right to left, Patrick Thomas, Dylan Spence & Cassandra Dumas )

( right to left, Patrick Thomas, Dylan Spence & Cassandra Dumas )

Free Britney America is comprised of four accidental activists, Patrick Thomas, Cassandra Dumas, Dylan Spence, and Erika Gutierrez. Our mission is focused on legislative action to assure federal oversight in probate court.

Patrick Thomas is a small business owner in VA. He owns an organic plant based dog treat company in Northern VA. He has been a Britney supporter since the very beginning, and is passionate about fighting for human rights, and equality. He connected with Cassie, Dylan & Erika through Free Britney LA less than a week before the first rally in D.C. He is ready to bring the issues surrounding probate court reform to our Nation’s Capitol. 

Cassandra “Cassie” Dumas, our spokesperson, is a Boston native and a DC transplant. She is a tenured software’s sales professional with a passion for sustainability. Cassie is a lifelong Britney Spears fan and an advocate for Equal Rights and Women’s Health. She connected with Erika through the FreeBritney LA group to start a DC Rally and the rest is history.

Dylan Spence is a Britney mega-fan who lives in Arlington, VA. A Cosmetologist and salon assistant by day, Dylan spends his spare time listening to all types of music…especially Britney Spears! Through happenstance, the members of F.B.A. met through an Instagram Live with Kevin Wu and Leanne Simmons of Free Britney LA. The power of Britney brought this group together and Dylan is excited to bring his passion (and Britney knowledge!) to this movement.